Changing Package Names


@Hossein : In continuance in my previous post in this thread, now I am able to install App in my mobile (without making any change in code). But the moment I jump to second screen i.e. LanguageScr using clock timer or putting a button on Screen1, App closes automatically without giving any error message. Tried the same on different mobile sets but same issue.

Since the silver version screen size issue, I have invested considerably number of hours to but no gain, Feeling frustrated. :frowning_face: Your help is highly solicited.

aia file is attached for your ready reference.

Let me know what could be possible issue.CTETPracticeSetsHindi2.aia (93.7 KB)



thank you my friend.
it worked


hi everyone
I used Appybuilder silver, and when start the gold version I start used it.
I made an new app in gold version and already published in play store.
now I export another app (this app already in playstore) from silver to gold.
The migration to gold work perfect, so I decided to give the same package name to update the app in playstore.
I made the chance and test the new app with new package name, there are 3 screen and all work fine in switching screen.
The problem is: when the old silver version of app is installed and i try to update with the gold version , I get an error : “the package conflicts with another existing package that has the same name”

if I check the app with “package name viewer” it have same package name gold and silver version

my doubt is. “Do I need to import the keystore from silver to gold”?

I exported the silver keystore and gold keystore, I open in notepad ++ and they not seem the same.

Suppose I have to import the silver keystore in gold what happend with the app i made with gold version if i use silver keystore? can I change the keystore in gold keystore again anytime I do update of this app?

I wish my english is good in explain the problem
please can someone help me in this problem ?



sir example my pakage name “tk.producton” so i am type my block plesh help


I have the same problem with my app which is published and I need to change package name…

even when I test that uploaded aia and put my email in the screen name it doesn’t work

edit: I have used apktool to decompile my apk and to see screen names in AndroidManifest.xml so now it’s working :slight_smile:


sir please tell us that is it really possible to change package name or not. or we are wasting our time checking this above tricks


Sure it’s possible. Lots of folks have already changed it. Did you see sample aia in this thread?
BTW we’ll add a help article to will be done by tomorrow


Check-out tutorial below


ES posible hacerlo si tengo en la tienda la aplicaron en APP inventor y la quiero subir en Appybuilder?


@John_Fredy_Gallon_Ri yes. You can import from other distributions and change package name


Thanks, is there any tutorial?


hi this is my package name : appinventor.ai_nemlawia2014.grammaire
So i enter in ApplicationPackage this : appinventor.ai_nemlawia2014.grammaire
what do i enter in open anotherScreen screen name : “…” ?? for screen2 ?


@apprendre_l_arabe @John_Fredy_Gallon_Ri follow link below for tutorial:


I got my package name from appinventor I must not change it cause it is for a googla play store uploading
so i think i have to enter : open an other screen screen name “appinventor.ai_nemlawia2014.grammaire.Screen2” is that right ?


edit : just tried it makes me “error 902 : Screen not found : com.appybuilder.appinventor.ai_nemlawia2014.grammaire.Screen2”


same error, what did you change in the manifest ?



Ok i did it :slight_smile: thank you so much !


Pudiste resolver el problema?