Changing Package Names


yes conor i have done this but after that there is the error message screen not found when i try to open application’s other screen



I’m attaching a .aia that shows how to change package name. Screenshot below shows that we have changed the package name. Then clicking button1 will open screen2.

Hope this helps
packageName.aia (4.5 KB)

Screen switch error
Error 902: screen not found

very helpful hossein ! you are a genius …


@godar34 Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Let us know what features you like to see in AppyBuilder


ok hossein ! i posted in forum one day a question about google play analytique
how to introduce this codes in appybuilder to get analyse of apps if you can do some tutorials about this


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You can even create a procedure passing it screen name only. In procedure checkto see if development or production.


If i don’t want to change package name so i leave it blank so does my package name is still like the format package like com.appybuilder.textingapp


:+1: yes.that is correct


testing your example. its not working, error 902

Custom package name

@fred_kowalski look at the comment in the example that i posted. Also see what @Boban_Stojmenovic posted about package names. You need to updated code to include your own email id.


a mistake. i build your apk from your aia file to see how it works in real smartphone.


I am still struggling in shifting my silver App in gold. Please go through following description and if possible point out where I am doing wrong.

  • I have an App on play store:

  • I imported this App in Gold. At Screen1, changed the package name to: appinventor.ai_takshilaonline.CTETPracticeSetsHindi

  • This App has another screen: LanguageScr

  • From Screen1, I am calling this screen as takshilaonline.CTETPracticeSetsHindi.LanguageScr

  • I also imported Keystore from Silver to Gold to settle App signing issue at Play Store.

  • Now if I upload this App to play store alpha version, it is uploaded successfully i.e. without any package name mismatch, or not signed by same key etc.

  • App also work properly with Gold Emulator, of course that time I call second screen as LanguageScr only.

  • However if I use APK file in Mobile, it is not installed. It gives error. Screenshot attached. I am unable to figure out what is wrong.

  • Help from community members is much needed oxygen.


#17 Thanks for nice explanation. Your steps seems to be correct. Your screenshot only shows the screen and no error. What is the error? Is your new app published in play store?


I have tried the steps using Keka to open my aia file on a mac. I can not seem to get it to work. I really need to move this one app over to gold.

Every time I open the aia with Keka, it creates a zip file. I do not know if that is supposed to happen, and I do not know how to drill down into it.


@PavementPilot I’m not sure about Mac. Do you have Windows box? If not, if you want, try PM me .aia and we’ll see if we can make proper-updates for you


@PavementPilot I sent you back (PM), the updated .aia. It should work now :slight_smile:


@Hossein : In continuance in my previous post in this thread, now I am able to install App in my mobile (without making any change in code). But the moment I jump to second screen i.e. LanguageScr using clock timer or putting a button on Screen1, App closes automatically without giving any error message. Tried the same on different mobile sets but same issue.

Since the silver version screen size issue, I have invested considerably number of hours to but no gain, Feeling frustrated. :frowning_face: Your help is highly solicited.

aia file is attached for your ready reference.

Let me know what could be possible issue.CTETPracticeSetsHindi2.aia (93.7 KB)



thank you my friend.
it worked