Changing Package Names and find screen



@mena Instead of us creating the app for you, please take the test app from link below and tailor to your needs:


This should have been working for you if your screen name is english, you must build your app because it doesn’t work in companion.


I had done all that but the result failed
Finally I’ve restored the project to
I created a new screen and it worked without problems
I have removed a lot of additions and prepared the integration codes to accept the project at
Now it works


@mena Also, see thread below:


Finally I found the solution after searching several hours
This is the name of the application that should be added to the screen call and not the internal name


now icalled screen by
And now she works
Thanks for all the help


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


PLEASE i have an app on google store with error 902 changing screen, I CANNOT FIX!!!

  • my first app version uploaded on google store works normally.
  • yesterday i made some upgrade to my app. After that, I uploaded on the store but this error appeared on PLAY CONSOLE:

different package name. could not upload. (or something similar)

  • I read some tutorial and understand that my previous package name was:


(it appeared in developer consolle)

I copied entire text and put in appy builder, in APPLICATIONPACKAGE box

  • next become possible to upload my app in app store (package corresponding)

  • I have tried to download my app from the store to test it like a normal user.
    and DAMN! When i go to second screen i have this error 902!

I’ve tried every tutorial to change screen name etc…not work!

i have this now in change screen:


previous was only:



many attempts with many changes in app name, package etc…never fixed…i’m becoming mad

please help me


@Manny, What is the name of your project?
Not AppName or ApplicationPackage, what it shows in "My Projects"
It’s “email.project-name.screen-name”


I just renamed my app name (in my projects) to semplify everithing and considerating the Mena solution.

The new name is MDHelper.

in ApplicationPackage textbox in designer (screen1) i use this text:


…because Google Play Developer Console ask me the same Package Name that i used in first app version i uploaded in the store. (else if i use other it give error and the app upload fails).

Based on Mena solution (to use App name as in My Projects), my block to call second screen (originally named TABELLA), is:


(manny77 is the mail)

I think that this should be correct but if i BUILD my apk (obviously not using companion), switching in app to second screen give my this error:

Error 902: Screen not found: com.appybuilder.manny77.MD_Helper_6_Final.manny77.MDHelper.TABELLA

I really don’t know how to solve…:frowning_face:
My app is in the store with the bug!


Try Manny77.MDHelper.TABELLA
The email portion is Case Sensitive as well.

If that doesn’t work check the top right hand corner of the screen for your email address and use the exact Case it shows and use every character before the @.


just tested, used exactly the same text as you said.
Tried capital M too… dont’t work…


@Ken_Nichols, considering the error:

it is possible to understand where is the error calling second screen?


@Manny I am not an expert but I had the same issue and was able to resolve it and that’s why I am trying to help.

In your case I would try this:
Rename the project "MD_Helper_6_Final"
Leave the “ApplicationPackage” field Blank

Am I way off base here?


@Ken_Nichols thanks! It worked! :grinning:

I uploaded the new version of my fixed app on the play store…finally fixed!

The solution is good but it needs that every time i made an update i have to name my app like original one…losing my version number visible directly in project name…it should be a mess in future…:thinking:


Glad you got it working!


I know you posted this a long time ago but I want to thank you for saving my app. I had been trying to fix the error 902 for ages with my email. I read your post that said to check the top right and I had been using the wrong email the whole time! Thank you, you saved a life today. :blush:


@Ken_Nichols :grin: