Changing Package Names and find screen



I imported this App in Gold. At Screen1, changed the package name to:
This App has another screen: english
how calling the screen please


In the blocks to call another screen put
your email, the name of the correct application, screen name.
although it will not work in companion


ok my email is
and may package name is
and screen name :english
now how calling the screen ?


app name?


my app name:ringtone2

iwill test egyvoice2.ringtone2.English
and tell you


and i have a question?
Why this name of package app?
no is better com.egyvoice2.ringtone2


Because the project has been imported from and It was posted on Google Play in


in the future i think whats is better only your info
is a sugerency.
and can you?


i test
It does not work either


ok my email is
and may package name is
and screen name :English
and app name is : ringtone2
I find it difficult now to succeed after testing everything possible


Make sure that the case is good, that your mail is well written, that the name of the application is fine
Respect the spaces, lowercase and uppercase.
It will only work when exporting the apk


Please check the upper and lower case


Mark important I try again


tell me if you can




@mena Why was this marked as Bug?
This is what you need to do:
Package name:
Screen: egyvoice2.ringtone2.english


not work


@mena Notice captalization. You mentioned your screen name is english NOT English


I NOW THAT I TEST TO NAME :english and English
and not work


Is it possible to send me an example of it
Package name:
and screen name :english
and app name is : ringtone2
to open it
I will be thankful to you