Changing Application Package Name




With the new feature, copy screen, I moved my main screen to screen2 and introduced a login screen. Everything seem to work fine but after login, my program could not take me to screen2. I followed above example. There was an error could not find screen. Please help.




How is it for a custom name,“com.contritrack.appname”?
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Please show a screenshot of your relevant blocks.


It’s working now.
Thank you.


Can i remove Appybuilder name from package name?


Please read this thread and also search for package name in


I check it and test it before. But it say Screen not found.
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i use the package name. ariyanriad007.earnandcost.dashboard
but it say screen not found.


It’s case sensitive and will work with built .apk
If using the companion it’s just screen name


Note: all package names should be lowercase


I am trying create package name like com.ariyanriad007.earnandcost but when i build app then the package name is convert to com.appybuilder.ariyanriad007.earnandcost can i remove the appybuilder name in package name?


That is NOT correct. How did you check this?


it see on app in setting.


You are definitely doing something wrong. Thousands of people have already used this approach to change package name. Create the smallest .aia to show what you are doing


ok. i’m trying to find the problem. if not find that then make a small aia and give it.
app package name: ariyanriad007.earnandcost


package name work wall but screen found,
here aia testapp.aia (2.3 KB)


Yes, the problem ‘screen not found’ comes up sometimes even with correct go to another screen format. I just removed the control block, snapped it back, deleted the text and typed the same text again. No change and it started working. That was the manipulation I did and it started working. No explanation. Try it, it may also work for you.


This approach will properly work when you have built .apk.


Error 902 Screen Not Found and App Stoped

Thank you it working.