Changing Application Package Name



This tutorial is to show how to change the ApplicationPackage name for an app which contains multiple screens.

What? In this tutorial we’ll create a simple app called testapp that will include 2 screens. We will change the default package name and will include a Button to switch from Screen1 to Screen2.

Why? Yo may have an app that was developed in MIT AI and published to Google Play Store. MIT AI uses package naming convention of appinventor.ai_YourEmail.YourAppName (where YourEmail is your google email e.g. jdoe01). You can easily import this app into AppyBuilder, but that will cause the package name to be changed. For this reason, we can use feature below to change the AppyBuilder default package name and use same package name that was used in MIT AI.

How? Image below shows how to change the default package name using ApplicationPackage property (only be visible to Scrreen1 which will globally apply to entire app).

Let’s name our app testapp and attempt to change default package to com.example.testapp as shown below.

For this tutorial, we assume your email is
Our simple app includes a button and clicking the button should start Screen2. The blocks to accomplish this is shown in image below. When opening another screen, we use the following convention:


  • Replace “projectname” to the “name of the project
  • Replace “emailusername” to the "username of your email (text before @) "
  • Replace “screenname” to "the screen you want to open"

NOTE: If your email includes dot; e.g. jdoe.01, replace the dot with underscore; e.g. jdoe_01.testapp.Screen2

NOTE: If you change package name AND have multiple screens, switching screens won’t work in companion. You’ll have to create .apk

Attached .aia includes source for this tutorial
testapp.aia (4.2 KB)

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That’s exactly what I did. Assuming the second screen name is (SavedScans), I put in the open other screen this value: appinventor.ai_h_habboubi.ImageToText.SavedScans

Still shows error 902


Nevermind I got it. I was relating the naming to silver. Sorry, my bad.

Name should be: h_haboubi.ImageToText.SavedScans


Great that you got it working


Hi Hossein,

I have app built by MIT and uploaded to google paly. Now i want to upload a new version of app built by Appy, But it said the SHA1 key mis-matched. May I know any work around for that? thanks.




Thanks Boban_Stojmenovic


Please correct in the tutorial actually the convention is

replace “projectname” to the "name of the project"
"emailusername" to the "username of your email (text before @) "
screenname” to "the screen you want to open "


@Shubham_Soni Thanks for suggestion. Update applied


@Hossein welcome :grinning::grinning:


I have an App Im making with AB and I have a keystone from MIT AI app I published to Google Play. I have a couple of questions.
1.) Do I need to change the package name of my new app?
2.) If so What sort of guidelines should I use? The example you provide uses com.example.testapp. Im making a football game. The name of my project is currently football. This is not what I want the title of my app to be, I just chose a general name (football).
3.) Do I need to rename my project to the title I plan to use for my app example Pass Football? 4.) If I rename My project does it makes sense that I change my package name to com.footballgame.passfootball?


Hi creator,

I closed your other topic because you asked your question already hear. Just to keep the forum clean.


@creator, let me try to help. Any member please correct me if i’m wrong.

  1. No, you don’t need to for your new apps

  2. For the naming rules, read Hossein’s post again at the top of this thread. You can use IF you own domain, i would recommend you to get a domain name first. If for example you get a new domain then your naming start with net.creatorapps.

  3. Your project name relate to your naming package.

  4. If you use your domain, you can.


Thank you for replying. Tell me Do I need a keystore before I build or can I select import keystore and AppyBuilder create one? Or do I use ApptoMarket and if so do I need to do this soon? One last thing does the package name need to be set for firebase settings? Im currently sending and receiving data without auth and I assume I need to set the package name and connect the app in Firebase and if so I assume I need to get the com.whateverIget. name figured out. Right?


If you already have some popular apps on Google play, then you need to import your keystore to Appybuilder. Don’t forget to save it somewhere safe since it is important.

If you don’t have popular apps and want to create something new, then you don’t have to import keystore. Appybuilder will create one for you.

Which setting that you refer? In my understanding you dont have to set package name for firebase setting,

The important things is just create your awesome app, don’t worry about any little things.


Ok no Im making some new thank you for clearing that up. For Firebase yes your right the connection is made with the url. Thanks again


wow thank you sir for this tutorial

just what i was looking for right now


hello. After i changed package name, my apk can’t install…:frowning:


Ads are not appearing on the app after changing the package name. Plz reply


If i dont have to change my pakage name how can i move to other screen on button click