Change package name from Google Play


hi !
did you success ? I have same thing : i have to update an app on the play store initialy done with appinventor, multiple screens too, so i have to change package name…


when you changed the package name (imports from ai2 or silver) and changed blocks to open other screens, companion app give you an error that screen is not available. However after you build the app it works without any error.


Yes Keashan i followed the tutorial, so it doesn’t work for companion, but doesn’t work in final test on android too, only screen1 opens


@apprendre_l_arabe so many folks have changed package name and it works. What is the package name you want and what is your app name?


I did it, i just didn’t anderstood what to put to open screen 2. Now it works . Thank you very much. I hope Play store will accept my update now, i didn’t try yet i’m afraid :wink:
I used apptomarket last time for my app, if i use apptomarket for this update i hope it will be the same keystore (generated by apptomarket) ?