Change package name from Google Play


Hello community. I have a problem with google play
I uploaded my first app with this package name: appinventor.ai_eddsongrey.XXXX
But now that i’m on appybuilder, I want to upload a new apk with the appybuilder package name.
How can I change it?
Thanks in advance.


@Eddson_Grey please at top of forum, please search for: package name


If you already uploaded your app into Google Play then you have to keep that package name to be able to update it.
Only for completely new apps you can choose an Appybuilder package name



The package name can be kept, but still use AppyBuilder to update the app.
You just use the old package name in the Screen1.ApplicationPackage property


@Eddson_Grey were you able to change package :package: name?


Hello guys, didn’t worked…


@Eddson_Grey Did you see @Boban_Stojmenovic response and also the sample aia?
Changing Package Names


well, to only say “didn’t worked” does not help very much, does it?

as I understand your issue, you already uploaded an app to Google Play and now you like to change the package name and upload an update of the same app. Is this correct?

So in case I unnderstand you correctly, then as already said, this is not possible, you have to keep the existing package name! But of course you can use Appybuilder to create the update



I have this package name in google: appinventor.ai_eddsongrey.ImagicApp

and it sets me this error:
El nombre del paquete del APK debe ser appinventor.ai_eddsongrey.ImagicApp.

With android studio, creating a keystore, and uploading it, will work?


Post the link your app in Google play store


Its not published… has many too errors and now that I fixed them, I cannot change the package name…
Im trying with android studio, uploading my apk, but don’t seem to let me edit anything…
it is trully necessary to give you the url? I would have to publish it again… that would be very bad …


If the app Isn’t published, why is Google complaining about the package name? What am i missing here?


I think I explained bad myself. I uploaded my first app from appinventor, then encounter many errors so I decided to learn, dispublished it (stills in play store, and I dont want to create new app because I have many people in that app) and now that I’m in appybuilder I wanted to upload it … but send me this package name error…


In AppyBuilder designer, What do you enter for screen1.ApplicationPackage?


I entered appinventor.ai_eddsongrey.ImagicApp, copied from Google directly


Now it gets me '‘Huella digital error’'
Has subido un APK firmado con un certificado diferente al de los archivos APK anteriores. Debes usar el mismo certificado. Tus APK están firmados con un certificado digital que incluye la huella digital
[ SHA1: 00:2C:AA:13:6F:39:C7:40:6E:92:D4:08:DD:7A:44:63:8F:A1:58:3E ]
, mientras que el certificado que has utilizado para firmar el APK que has subido tiene la huella digital
[ SHA1: 22:44:5C:D4:AD:57:CA:87:D8:84:60:9C:34:56:EB:A8:A1:1A:1B:16 ]


We’ll check into logs and post back


Ok! Thank you very much


which means, you have to export the keystore from App Inventor and import it into Appybuilder, then build your app
note: it would be wise, to save the keystore in a safe place…


That way Screen2 Don’t work… it let me uploaded but screen2 didn’t worked
I already tried the tutorial if you have multiple screens, but didnt worked either