Casual Ball, a casual game to pass time (Version 1.75)



I was learning at app inventor at first and later I’ve tried to create a game to test my simple skills, changed the platform to Appy Builder and then Casual Ball was made.

It’s a simple game to dodge red balls and get the blue ones for points, the game have:

  • 3 difficulties
  • 1 extra mode (2 or 3 more will come this month)
  • 2 power ups (around 2 extras in future updates)
  • 3 controller types
  • 2 languages, Portuguese and English
  • A shop to buy upgrades, colors and game modes

I’m updating almost every day, mostly to correct minor bugs and expand other features.
The default language is Portuguese, but you can change it in the main menu.

Casual Ball - Google Play


EDIT: This game now have an English page!


New visuals
Fixed english translation errors
Enemy being frozen when player get hit
Centralization of the pause icon
New help menu
New controller: Touch screen
Controller selection error
Added indicators when player gets hit
Enemy relocation
Pause button
Fixed errors when buying random color and Challenge! mode
Retry menu in game over screen


Please post some screenshots in your post also.


In the Play Store page there’s some images but they are in Portuguese, thanks to this new images I’ve found 2 translation errors. :grin: