Card viewer coming soon?


This is already added by kodular but is not added here
This is very important I want to transfer my projects from Kodular


you can pay and we built an extension for you, i think 25 dollar for that is ok.
If you want it write me


@philipp376 Why not get sponsorship and add it as component into AppyBuilder?


This free in Kodular


i already builded cardview but tell me issue of Which I Pm You If its solved then then appybuider get update
3.bubbly Seekbar
4.Custom Chrome Tab
5.Offer Toro ,Leabolt,Fb Reward Adcolony,And So More
7.MaterialDrawer Like Google playtore


PM isn’t necessary. I had mentioned previously how to get jar file


But That Method was also not working Its saying missing :joy: …But I Do Self Engineering to fix it and also fixed it but again issue came at last while building companion apk

Watch This extension get build sucess ful but at last while building companaion 75% issue came NullPointerExpecatation
I Searched in forum reagarding this But @Taifun Had Solution …can you say abt this @Hossein sir because This is stopping me from upadte