Can't start buildserver


I have installed and set correct the home path for java 8 and i can run the Frontend but i can’t run the buildserver to build the apks.



Any advice?





When starting the server (backend or frontend), if window immediately closes, it could mean that:

1. Your java path not setup properly - setup your java path or update script files to point to your java
2. Address (8888) already in use (you may have to use task manager to kill java)



I write to my post that i run the Frontend so i am using the offline version. I also write that i can’t start the buildserver.


I check, this port is not used. I think the problem is that i use 32bit os and my java version is also 32bit


This is what it shows when i try to start the buildserver




Its Good. Success. Thankyou for your advice.