Can't build APK version of my app



I started building my app on MIT AI2, but I exceeded the limit of file size so I decided to move to AppyBuildier offline. When I try to build my APK in it, it says “Sorry, can’t package projects larger than 20 MB”.

How can I bypass that limit?


First question is why is your app that big? Do you use large assets?


I’m using a lot of assets because have to use “GIFs”, unfortunately removing or resize them is not an option.


There is a trick you can do, you can keep all those images on a webserver and when the user runs your app for the first time, you download all those images on local memory After the first time run, your app will read them from local memory.

This solution I suspect requires a lot of effort to change the logic of your app.


I think I’ll have to do so, but why the offline version is limited to 20 MB?