Can you please add exo-player to appybuilder?


Hi, can you please add exo-player to appybuilder? with this we can player all kind of audios and videos with appy, that will be so great

this is the link for github


Thanks for github. We have local updates and will try to push into next release


did you mean this exoplayer?


Thank you so much, i will wait for it


somethign like that , but like in kodular/makeroid this is part of the program and not a extension, so i want that here, we can have the same, if they can do it, we can do it to ( or i hope something like that, and hossein says they will try, so we will wait)


When (date) will be the next release? thanks for your answer


The last update came on March 17th. Unfortunately without ExoPlayer, too bad. So we have to hope for the next update … that would be great.



Keep in mind that interested people can contribute here: