Can i use Google Spreadsheet as alternating of Firebase?


I store data from user to firebase. But one person access my stored data and delete from firebase. i also change firebase url and api, but he/she access and delete data. I don’t know how to get firebase url and api from app. but i am sure that he/she get firebase url and api from app. now i have two think, firebase alternate or highly secure firebase url and api. How can i do that?


We’ll also be adding AirTable component that can be used as alternative


What if you set the api and id from the blocks editor and use this block?



can your help me plz



I set api and url from design. Someone is accessing my database from the app anonymously . How can I secure the firebase url and api? No one can get the firebase url and api in any way.


Y si comienzas por cambiar tu contraseña?


How does Obfuscated Text work?
I want to understand this procedure and usage,
If any one can help (example) me about this.
i thanks so much in advance it will be very helpful for me in my apps which is not secure because i am not understanding to protect fire-base and spreadsheet URL.