CameraViewer Extension


Hello Builders!
Here I bring to you rare footage about my new extension: CameraViewer! It lets you get images from the front camera and together with firebase, websockets or mqtt you can make videocalls! (For now, without audio)

To be a beta tester, you can donate anything you want starting with 2$, and when the extension is done, you will receive the final extension for 10$

(When the audio is done)



Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions
CameraViewer Extension update 23/07/2018

Awesome.the future of all app builder in your hand.I don’t want this wonderful extension to be paid​


Great! I can’t wait to see this project completed.


podes grabar en video ? o solo el “feed” de la camara ?


Haha! That was what I was developing for a couple of days :laughing:


Where is the download link??


Please read the whole topic before posting a question.


i’ve tried to put the source on a canvas and it failed :frowning:
also, how can i rotate the videosoruce? if it put my phone on “landscape” mode the image stays oriented like in “portrait” mode.

if there is a official launch, let me knowm i wanna contribute to your extension :wink:



Hi @Andres_Cotes,

Is it possible to save the video directly in my device ?
Like the CamCorder component ?

When I stop my video, then it can be read in a VideoPlayer.


Hi @Abdul_Maajith,

The CameraViewer is great extension for AI2. Thanks

May I know any option use the back camera? not limit to front?