CameraViewer Extension


Hello Builders!
Here I bring to you rare footage about my new extension: CameraViewer! It lets you get images from the front camera and together with firebase, websockets or mqtt you can make videocalls! (For now, without audio)

To be a beta tester, you can donate anything you want starting with 2$, and when the extension is done, you will receive the final extension for 10$

(When the audio is done)



Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions
CameraViewer Extension update 23/07/2018

Awesome.the future of all app builder in your hand.I don’t want this wonderful extension to be paid​


Great! I can’t wait to see this project completed.


podes grabar en video ? o solo el “feed” de la camara ?


Haha! That was what I was developing for a couple of days :laughing:


Where is the download link??


Please read the whole topic before posting a question.


i’ve tried to put the source on a canvas and it failed :frowning:
also, how can i rotate the videosoruce? if it put my phone on “landscape” mode the image stays oriented like in “portrait” mode.

if there is a official launch, let me knowm i wanna contribute to your extension :wink:



Hi @Andres_Cotes,

Is it possible to save the video directly in my device ?
Like the CamCorder component ?

When I stop my video, then it can be read in a VideoPlayer.


Hi @Abdul_Maajith,

The CameraViewer is great extension for AI2. Thanks

May I know any option use the back camera? not limit to front?


English translation at the bottom.

@Andres_Cotes podrias explicar como se usa este bloque?


Tambien, la imagen no hace foco cuando abre, hay alguna funcion que necesitas habilitar para que el autofocus funcione?
¿Como hago para obtener la foto de lo que estoy viendo exactamente en la pantalla?
Probe con la extension de @Jerin_Jacob para convertir el componente a imagen pero solo devuelve una imagen blanca.

Can you explain how to use this block?


When the camera feed is shown, the image is blurred, is there any way you can activate autofocus?
How do I get a picture file of exactly what I’m viewing on the screen. I tried with @Jerin_Jacob 's component to image extension but it just produces a white image.


Estaba probando con una gafas 3d solo eso


Ok, alguna respuesta para las otras preguntas?


La imagen viene de la cámara y convierte en un bitmap eso puede ser lo que está afectando