CameraViewer Extension update 23/07/2018


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Andres Cotes


What does it do? Change camera between front and rear? Is the runtime error fixed ? There was a error too when the camera viewer is used in devices like LG G6 with Wide camera


repair the error takes the lowest resolution setting can test and report any errors


i test it,it is very good!
but why the data change event cannot be triggered?


The data Change Event is Not Working. Please look into it Soon


Good afternoon, could you tell how this extension works, on cameraview data does not respond. And a paid extension? Is it finished


hello the extension and update it, which error shows


I can not get the data in CameraView RecibeData.


I think you disable that function


Sorry I did not understand your answer so how do I disable this function Could you give me an example of how to make it work if it will not get in your way, of course.


@Andres_Cotes any estimated time for the final version with the audio?


How can i use it for video calling ???


Thank you so much. Very nice and welcomed my need. Well, can we record video?


hello do you succeed with the receiving part ?


It would have been better if you could also shoot through this video and image extension