Camera and AI creating duplicate images? Different resolutions but the same size?


Every time my app snaps a photograph in Camera, a high resolution original is saved in Internal Storage/DCIM/Camera, and then another copy is made in Internal Storage/Pictures that is 1024x576 and has the app_inventor_ prefix attached to it. Oddly, enough though the first is 4656 x 2620, they’re both the same size (3.07 in the case of my test image)? I guess that’s because the jpg is highly compressed and the nature of what’s being photographed (fortune cookies on essentially blank backgrounds) lends itself to compression?

This seems kind of a strange and inefficient behavior, but I’m guessing that it is because anything taken with the Camera will always have it’s own copy in the Camera directory, which can’t be touched by the AI app using it?


I wish this could be fixed, because with this issue the device would be over-populated by duplicates.