Call gettaglist is not calling function .taglist


Can any one tell if gettaglist function for firebase is working. I tried all the way i could and its not calling the function .TagList


OK I got the problem and solution but there is big lag Appybuilder team needs to verify and please do something about it.

call fb.gettaglist function is not able to read numerical values.
E.g if tags are 1,2,3,4… it doesnt read but does fine withh texts a,b,c,d or mixed a1, a2, a3.


@K_L Does your firebase has much data? What’s your Internet speed?


yes, and inernet speed is good enough.


How much data are we talking about? :slight_smile: Also, are there lots of device connections to your firebase database?


its not about amount of data , its about type of data i am talking. and just now i tried something like one type tag 1,2,3,4 and added tag “a”. it detected all. but when tags are only 1,2,3,4 its not detected by calltaglist.


Your question was in 2-parts (below) and I was trying to respond to that.

We’ll check into below


OOPs sorry about confusion. continue with second one please.

if i remove tag “a” . it doesnt detetct any tags.


Ok, so this is a bug which is already solved by other site. Please fix this issue soon . I am stuck in my project. Thanks.


@K_L we are looking into it and will hopefully resolve by this weekend