Call clock durationtodays


I discovered a bag in the durationtodays call clock instruction when measuring a duration longer than 90 days it returns an incorrect result and approximated by default making the function unusable


Can you show what the bug is, what you did to see it, how do we create it, and what the expected result is please.


Probably you are using the blocks in the wrong way, so show us your blocks

Edit: works as it should



Please don’t just post a “mysterious” message when starting a thread. Provide as much information as you can. Exactly what you did to see the bug, blocks image, etc. We can’t guess what you are seeing on your screen, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


here is an example


and what about additionally providing Do it results of the relevant values, so others can see, what exactly you are talking about?
How to use Do it see also tip 4 here


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Have you read the blocks I published and do you think it’s my mistake?
If you launch the app you will realize the bug that I found. Or if it calculates the duration in days from 01/01/2019 and a date between April and October I will realize that the result is wrong in default of 1 day.


only by looking at the blocks probably nobody will be able to find the issue
but using the Do it debuging feature you could show us which result you get and what you expect…