Cactus Hunt instead of Mole Mash


Another ancient game that could use a make over is Mole Mash.

I made Cactus Hunt, just as dangerous as Mole Mash.

There are three sizes of cactuses. Depending on which one you click you get 1, 2 or 3 points. Pressing reset starts the count at zero.

The phone vibrates when you touch a cactus. Phones can’t deliver an electric shock yet, else that would have been an option. :sunglasses:

Here are the blocks if someone wants to make his own version.

All images are from and are in the public domain.

My version on Google Play:


Thank you i will try


I think you have to add negative score when the player doesn’t touch on the cactus !!!


I made a new version with the particlecreator effect from @Jerin_Jacob.


That was so fast :slight_smile:


Negative points are working properly, but when showing plus points(when touching cactus), both minus and plus show together.


This happens sometimes because the animation of the points is slower then the cactus is moving i guess. You have to touch the cactus accurately to gather points.

Oh wait i see what you mean? Back to the blockeditor. :grin:


I guess touching the canvas and a sprite can happen at the same time. Used this block to make it work.