Buttons with text and image


Hi Happybuilders,

I’m just wondering… when we’ll have buttons like this, with text and image, but putting the image in any position in the button, like this?



They are not too difficult to make if you organize your UI and scale the buttons correctly


Hmmm not a bad idea. But even with this possibility, we can not put the image in any place of the button, because of the arrangements…


With the arrangements and right measurements, you can make the same UI as good as the good looking ones


Well you convinced me!! I didn’t realized that way. Thanks a lot!!!


Here is the proyect if you want to see how I made the buttons.

Buttons.aia (32.9 KB)


Wow, thank you!!! I’ll see it and when I have my results, I’ll post here!!! Thanks again!!!


@Ismael_Hernandez, thanks again for your help. Your example is good, the only thing I could notice is that the button is not full clickable, because it is inside a Vertical Arrangement, which does not have this function… It seems that the user has to press always on the image to get the result…


To compensate that, you can use this in all the components surrounding the button, so no matter if they click in the label, they will get the same result



Well, I have to say that is an excellent solution!! Now I can go ahead with this. Thanks again!!