Button Deluxe Extension






Price 15 usd


Andres Cotes


Looks nice @Andres_Cotes



Tell me how to make extension


great job, where you can download the extension thanks


@Massimo.Z78 see top of this thread. It’s a paid extension. Contact @Andres_Cotes


I am interested in this extension. But first a question: is it possible to add a background image to the Button?


not yet implemented the normal button has that feature or has in mind another type of design if you indicate I can add it


Hello Andres,
Thank you for answering my question. I need an extension in which a button has a background image and I can insert icons and text.
That would be very nice if you had something like that to offer!


send me a sample image that you want to insert


Great work. I want to implement a proper bottom navigation. Are you able to provide a simple example where your extension is able to accomplish this?


please show in blocks what you want to do would be very helpful to solve it




Thank you very much. The idea would be to put the icon from the Button Deluxe Extension in a different color. I can not find the block that allows me to change it. The change of colors in the icons i made where from a simple label and button.



I appreciate the very fast support from Andrés. The issue was solved and the Button Deluxe Extension works amazing and smooth. I do recommend it. Muchas gracias Andrés.


:scream: Wow Amazing Extension .How Can I Buy ???


Yes. Price 15 USD…


Willing to pay… ! For extension !


Does It Support Android 5


Yes suport Android 21