Building the content of a List without manual data entry


I’m building what is essentially a “fortune” type app (actually several), that randomly presents snippets of text from a list (along with related activities).

I’ve spent the last day going in circles trying to figure out how to do this more efficiently than manually dragging and dropping 83 separate list item blocks, then manually copying and pasting the desired text strings into the Builder interface. All of which would take me much longer than the 15 minutes or so to format the proper XML with “vi” or Perl (or less).

It appears that (at least on a Mac, using Keka as the archiver/de-archiver), even just decompressing and recompressing the .aia file prevents it from being re-imported, let alone manually manipulating the .bky XML.

Any suggestions about how to get the data into my app in a reasonable fashion?


@Thomas_Leavitt Not sure about Mac. However, if you have access to windows, 7zip works with no problem.
Make sure that you keep 7zip open. See link below that shows how to make some changes to your .aia file:


FYI, for those of us using Macs running OS X, BetterZip has the ability to edit an archive in place (equivalent to 7zip on Windows). I just discovered it earlier this week, and have been able to successfully edit .aia archives (will even edit .aia files without having to rename the extension) with it. Much easier than transferring an .aia over to Windows in order to edit the contents if your primary work environment is OS X.


@Thomas_Leavitt Thanks for sharing