Building large projects


Looking for those who have large projects in MIT AI2. There has been some updates in MIT AI2 that should allow for building larger projects in app inventor. If you have large project I’m MIT app inventor, please let us know. We need to check and record some findings about it.

We need to run it at and see how long it takes to build



Hi Hossein, I have a project with an apk file of just under 5 megabytes. All “code” has no contents such as images, sounds.
Unfortunately I have a bit of slowness in working because it has so much “code”, moreover I am used to working always on a single screen.
What change do you talk about in what it consists of?
What kind of tests should be done?


Just try to build your MIT app inventor project and note down:

  1. When the progress bar starts to show
  2. The time it takes to finish building
  3. The size of final apk



You can explain me better, I do not understand the tests to be done


Just create apk
How long does it take to build?


Do I have to do it from
I just compiled the apk, it took about 1 minute and the apk is 4.6 megabytes, just over the last one generated a week ago, but probably related to the “code” added.


No. I mean run it here:


I can not open it because there are components that annoy, for example “spacer”.


Hi Mr. Hossein, I have exhumed an old project created on AI2 and changed the assets with larger images. However, it was not possible to build the app because it was bigger than 10MB