"Build Failed. Not because of an error in your program"


Build Failed consistently. An older version of the app built just fine but now that doesn’t build either


What’s the difference between the older version and this one?


I was adding more lists to lists but would not compile at all. So I uploaded an older aia which was known to be good. This was kept original, but now the older version does not build?


I’ll check the logs. What’s the exact name of your project?


its miniA8_Controller. I checked the release notes and discovered that August 9th 2018, a bug fix was made with regards to text messaging. I have just removed the text messaging component, and that’s it! it built?! not sure if that’s a coincidence, but this project hasn’t got to the QR code stage in quite some time now.


Hi Hossein, not sure what the problem is here, but it seems that the project which had been created a few months ago will NOT build with the text messaging component in it at all.

I can re-create the project as it’s not too big so that’s fine.


Can you pm me the aia?


My app also have the same problem :sob: