Build failed! Connection Refused(Connection refused)


When trying to build you will receive the this error:

The build servers are now disabled, more information here:

What is the cause of this message
What happened connection refused why....? plz sir solved this
What happened connection refused why....?

That’s right, @Ken. My question now is: Is the offline version updated with all features from online version?


@Kleyber_Derick, Yes it is and has updates such as API 28 and bug fixes for the multiple screen


I am bit new to offline and wasn’t aware of it, plz guide me with link, was earlier using online till when can I expect appybuilder back online…Thanks



Offline Also I got Same error… " Build failed! Connection Refused(Connection refused) "


@TharunKumar That’s NOT correct. You need to start your buildserver (backend). See the doc here:


Thanks for the guidance, any approximations on when the online site will be back as liked it and can access the projects from anyplace without system dependency


howmuch time to be online again ?



comment puis-je donc construire l’apk pour tester mon appli sur mon teléphone ?


Using offline version you can build the apk with no problems.


Comment utilise on la version hors ligne ?


Take a look at:



Build Failed error now… They are atop the Online Mode… so How I update my application in Play Store…
Could you explain How the Offline mode working???


See the above mentioned tutorials, you download AppyBuilder Personal and you run it from your computer.


Je ne trouve pas ou télécharger appy builder personal



Merci , mais j’ai tout télécharger tout lu mais je n’arrive pas a l’avoir


See here

and here