Bug report Spinner Invisible bug


I found a bug of the Spinner. If I set the spinner as invisible, it will be disable too. I would like to touch the canvas to launch the camera or image picker by the spinner selection. However, if I set the spinner as invisible . It will no function after selection event.

Spinner_Invisible_Bug.aia (2.2 KB)


That’s how the spinner works and It’s not a bug.


Hi Boban,

Greeting . See you there again.

Thanks your reply. So I am wrong to treat this as bug. But if possible to set the spinner work in invisible it would be much convenient for the application of selection triggered by other event.



@Ryan_Cheung You can set spinner width to 0 pixel. It will not be visible on your app, but it is not disable.


Hi Bruger,

This trick useful. Thanks.