Bug fix - Export / Import Screen



We just published a minor release that fixes the Screen import / build issue.
As you may be aware, using Projects menu, we now provide ability to export any screen into a .scr file. This .scr file, can later be imported into another project, or even as another screen into same project.

Action required from your side: Just refresh your AppyBuilder browser and you are done :sunny:


Great news. I tested it. Made 1 screen, then 3 copies of that, exported 1, deleted 2, imported 1, put some buttons to switch screens, tested it live and installed, exported the aia and looked at the file structure and everything works…



@Peter awesome. thanks for testing


I had too gave it a try. Luckily didn’t found anything for now.


Exported some screens. Cannot import them. Error comes up saying “The selected project is not a project source file! Project source files are aia files”. The file I selected was “QIKREF_Shepherd_INV_Send.scr.txt” which was created a few minutes earlier by the export screen option. Help please.


Why the file has .txt extension?


same as me.
it is a scr.txt file and you cannot remove the txt


The file saved by the Export screen function has the .txt extension if it is downloaded with Firefox (don’t know why). I changed to Chrome and it worked just fine!


Ah. That’s interesting that Firefox exports as .txt. I kept testing in chrome and it was saving as .scr. It’s good to know. Thanks


i must pricing this fruitful.


im trying to import one screen from one app ( app 1) to another app (app 2)…when i import the screen from app 1 …some other screen is imported from my app 1 to app 2. kindly help for solution.


Maybe you could share a simple .aia and .scr showing the issue


One question: the export action allow to specific a different name for the exported screen, but it is ignored when imported. Eg. if I export Screen1 and call it Screen_new, when I import Screen_new.scr it will be renamed with a random number at the end. It’s possible to also manage the renaming of the screen?


I can check into this