Blocks editor performance


Im not complaining but the blocks editor can become bogged down when building bigger projects. Can anyone tell me if more RAM would increase the Blocks editor performance when working on bigger projects?

I want performance increased for large projects
I can't build my app
Code editor bridged from blocks

Some things I noticed.
I have an app with 1909 blocks.

My home computer is:
AMD FX-8300 3.30GHz Octa-Core Processor
16GB DDR3 Memory
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

It runs very laggy on this setup. It takes a long time to drag the work area until you actually see any movement on the screen. I don’t have any problems running games or benchmarks in it.

My computer in the office where I work:
Intel Core i5-4670 Quad core CPU 3.40Ghz
16 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 8GB
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

It runs a little bit better, the lag is still noticeable but less annoying.

So, probably the video memory is the key, since I get better results with 8 gb than 4gb. Or it may also have something to do with Intel and AMD processors. Some apps are optimized for Intel, I don’t know how that influences AppyBuilder if it does.


I now have 5214 blocks and I can still use the blocks editor but it takes a while to do things. I have to use the handles to scroll. The Companion now takes around 60 seconds to load. Im to the point where Im going to have to start building a project and installing it on my device to test it. Either way the down time kills me I lose focus and interest. I have some other projects Im going to tinker with on the side while I continue the uphill battle of trudging through molasses with the blocks editor and Companion I love so much that continue to work and are just fine the way they are!


I merged you new topic with your old one because they are related. What you are experiencing becomes visible when you are near the limit what any builder can do. I think the test @Italo did can point you in the direction of what can make a difference but having so many blocks is a problem on any builder. You should look to make more then one app or look for a way to make the number of blocks less.


I just feel like the blocks editor which runs really good and fast when its not bogged down, would run better if it were somehow bridged with a code editor where the blocks were all just drop down menu options (text) that connected themselves without the graphic and sound effects. Don’t get me wrong those are some of the best things about AppyBuilder. Anyway the blocks when select in a side window would appear in a text editor in whatever language it may concern, java I’m guessing. Some rules could be applied for editing in the text editor or full permission may be fine with warning where I’m sure some sort of undo can be implemented. Im just dreaming of testing code 5 or 6 times in a min thats all never mind me.


Please keep putting your toughts in this topic. Opening a new one everytime is not necessary.


Another thing I noticed: When you click and hold on a white area of the blocks editor, all the blocks become a little blurred. That looks like the dragging is made by converting the blocks vector graphics to a rendered bitmap image of all the blocks. If the Blockly interface wouldn’t have to do that rendering everytime the block area is dragged, the editing experience would be so much smoother.
Having little less than 2000 blocks is very hard on dragging. I can’t even imagine how it would be with +5000 blocks!
Out of curiosity, what is your app about?


+5,000 blocks is just tooo much to maintain. Maybe good idea to break into different screens


I am agree with Hossein, 5K blocks is too many. Try to leave your project for 2 months and maybe you would feel loss when seeing it again.

What do we need to get less blocks:

  1. Better coding and logic. I have seen people using hundreds of blocks for solution that could be handled for tens of blocks.

  2. Divide functionalities to different screen.

  3. For complex calculations and data analysis, i use server. With today’s infrastructure, practically there is small difference in User Experience whether you do it locally or remotely.

  4. You can use standard coding in 2 ways. By creating extension in Java and by using JavaScript in webview.

With these four, you can do a lot of complex apps.


@creator I have 6k blocks and it works with good flow and without locking in the Linux Ubunto system with 8Gb. When I use windows it gets very slow.


Its a game not an app


What do you mean by locking? Thanks for the tip! How long does it take Companion to load 6k blocks?


Thank you for confirming the different screens. I was just pondering the notion when I stumbled across this reply. I should of broke off into multiple screens earlier. Im still duplicating and changing blocks and making progress just a little slow. The load time on the Companion is the real drag. I believe it will be almost faster to build the apk and install, although probably not


Wow!, I’m considering getting a second computer with Ubuntu just to work with AppyBuilder now… 6000 blocks and no lag?


I use linux mint. That is ubuntu based. I see a lag when there are many blocks. So maybe it is what you mentioned related with the gpu.


Interesting info, @Juliano. Could you tell us your computer specs? And your connection please,


Yes, I was going to ask for the computer specs too. Interested.


Maybe you can show a video of the blockseditor in action with 6000 blocks.


I have just imported an old project from MIT with 6500+ blocks on one screen and total 8000+ blocks, at the time I didn’t know much about programming and that’s why lots of blocks

6500+ blocks works just fine for me anyway


Thanks for the info, @Boban_Stojmenovic. We would like to know the most important factors that involved in working in blocks.

How is your connection?
What is your computer specs?
Do you use ssd?
What is your OS and browser?