Block's colors!


Colors you had before (switching some back to AI2) were the best looking ones for me. In fact, I wouldn’t lie if I say, I think they are the best block colors through out the other distros. I think you should just add “old” and “new, modern and nicer” switches.


White on yellow, awful magenta.
Even when the brightness of the monitor is at it’s lowest, it still distracts and hurts. You could take in account that for people with migraine (like me) this is not relaxed at all. On the contrary.
Choosing from another colour set, like the ‘classic’ Appybuilder colours, would help.


Well my friend the appybuilder team had done a nice job regarding bright yellow block and now its much better than before so please let them do their work and wait for there next update. just give them some time.


Published tutorials with screenshots will be less useful because the colours do not match anymore.


Yes, it is a true, colors bring us away from logic. This is like loud music when you want think. May be it is good for some programmers but not for all.


You can always make your own distro… :roll_eyes:


Isn’t there any remote possibility of adding the feature to blockly to assign our own colors? Any talks or projects about that, even if it’s a long term thing?


We’ll take care of this. Seems like favor of community is the old or classic colors


Thanks for the changes! :v:


Amazingly nice familiar again. :tada:


Sweetheart, I have very good news for you and only for you… there not gonna change colors just for you


The new colors were changed by request of the community. They didn’t go back to the standard App Inventor colors but used their own palet. And i must say they look great to me.


it’s very nice from the appybuilder team to listen :ear: to the community
when i wrote this post i was really suffering from the new colors
and i found that it’s not only me
and really surprised that you changed the colors by request of the community
we appreciate that :+1:


Hello Staff, have the block colors been changed with the last release (March 15th)? Will they come back like the previous version?


How do they look to you?


I see what you mean. They have the original app inventor colors.


Can you post screenshot



Block colors are now fixed. Please refresh browser