Block's colors!


every time i open the block area since the last update

AppyBuilder Interface design changes

Lets say that our opinions differ. The latest colors are scratch 3.0 based. Just like the hump on some blocks so they are more easily dragged on a tablet or phone screen.

i guess you went to your doctor with your eyeproblem? :sunglasses:


it’s really very bright colors and very annoying for me


Maybe you have to adjust the brightness of your screen. But in the end you will get used to it. It’s new at the moment but that will change.


no its way too bright and sharp and so its less readable then before. Earlier the colour was dull but workable but now its too sharp and irritating to work with.


Like i said, take a look at the brightness of the monitor. I don’t find them to bright.


I can understand your feeling and what you are going with i too have a hard time accepting minor faults of my app if some one said so and think he or she is over reacting. I knew you guys have paid a lot of time and effort to come up with new design for block and its colour. Thats very nice of you all but i think you need to take some user opinion on that. I don’t want you to change that immediately but just a word from any of the developer team that they will look into it and do necessary changes in future if needed based on users opinion.

Any way i don’t want say say stuff like hey peter my moniter brightness is fine and you have … like that instead i hope you will consider and be generous. Any way have a great day to you ad your family or friends to all .


These colors are way too bright! What happened? And yes I tried adjusting the brightness and contrast on my monitor to no avail. Please go back to the original colors.

I do like the “hump” though.


We could check into it :slight_smile:
As mentioned by @Peter we colors were based on Scratch 3.0:

Maybe making the yellow less-brigher would help a little. For now, please continue using and to see how you get used to it


Hossein, please make the yellow less bright. I have adjusted the brightness,contrast and sharpness on my monitor and as you can see there is not enough contrast between yellow and white.


I appreciate Appybuilder very much and got used to the functions over time. I work with AppyBuilder for 3 years now and use it quite often, the community support is just awesome, not to mention the extensions… :heart_eyes:

But in the last weeks you (the AppyBuilder team) added several functions that actually rather interrupt my work flow than really enhance it… Probably you tried to make the Interface more user friendly or whatever.
First it were some extra functions you added, like the “Effects” section and more languages and so on, these were big advantages for the productivity and I really understand why they were added. (:+1: like them so much!)

But then, in my opinion, the whole interface got worse from update to update.
I don’t want to sound rude but I don’t need an animation that starts, when I hover over an component… I mean if you try to work on some project for more than just a few hours you really don’t need that “bonus” because the only thing that counts is efficiency and concentration. In my opinion those fancy extra things are quite annoying when trying to be productive.

As I opened up AppyBuilder today I thought that either I am colorblind now or I have eye cancer…
Those color switches were done a few days before already and that’s another thing that really disturbs, when you work with a programm for so long and then such unimportant changes are made.

Please add a developer mode or something where people with more experience can just use the AppyBuilder site how it should be (from my view), like very aiming on productivity, concentration and efficiency. And we don’t have to get used to a new layout every few weeks. New functions are great. Always! But please stop doing this inessential updates.
For newbies here it might look great and they think, “Well, let’s use AppyBuilder and build my first text-to-speech app.” just because it looks user freindly and modern.

So don’t take this evaluation to personal and please continue your dedicated work on this platform.
Hope you understood my massage right and others share their opinions here too. :v:

Greetings, Mika


@Mika Moved your post to this already-existing topic.

We hear :ear: you :slight_smile:


Please don’t take other programs as templates or examples, you did such a great job so far and now, in my opinion, begin making it worse than it was.


We just made:

  1. The controls color a little darker
  2. Removed the animation when hovering over tree-times like components or blocks items


Hello @Hossein I think the Logic and Math colors were inverted.



And the Lists colors are now orange:


hi everyone.
Today my head pain to much. After 1 hour working in blocks my eyes burn, to much bright, and the white text in the blocks really hard to see.
I use a qhd monitor, and set the zoom on 50% to have more view. but believe me it is really hard to work in this way. please make the color more dark. in a way that can read the text .
thankyou very much


@Gabriel_Egea math and logic are now switched to match AI


Ok, I thought it was a mistake, thanks for answering


NOW the controls yellow colors are better :+1:
and less brighter than before
thanks appybuilder team