Bizarre issue - This is not working on appybuilder. WHY?


When I am clicking on seek bar, song should play from that thumb position of the seek bar but its not working on appybuilder…why?? is there any problem or what??:disappointed_relieved:


Try uninstalling/reinstalling the app


I am using companion…But its working perfectly on kodular. I think this problem is occurring because of the player component’s bug. I am just sick of the seek bar.


I tested your code in Kodular. And you are right. It works so far. ok, it hooks a little…
You know all the current builders got their little differences in optical the same components.
I believe the problem is more how fast the slider input (manually change of the thumb Position)is calculated and usable as the trigger for your seek to position block. Maybe you can fix this within the clocks timer settings.

I for myself use an other concept to get this progress/seekbar feature in Appybuilder: I am using a canvas and a sprite. This works pretty good and is of course free designable.
You may take a look at this:


okay…But how can i do that…There is no blocks or anything in your mentioned post link so how can i do that? hoping for your help…


The link and the app was intended to give you an idea how a canvas and and a sprite could act as a progress/seek combination.
I can give you some hints, not more, sorry:

The canvas is the background and progressbar. Its length is equivalent to the length of the song. An imagesprite is the seek slider and follows the current position. You are also use a clock for that (e.g. timerinterval = 200).
If you drag your slider horizontal it let the player seek to the new position.
For the individuell calculation of the canvas length and slider positions you will need percentage calculation. Because all has to fit to the screen and resolution. This may be a little tricky, but you will get the idea. That’s the fun in coding :wink:


Okay…I understand but do u have any suggestion for my existing blocks I mean any small changes that can resolve the sickness of the seek bar…What do u say? I


No sorry, I haven’t. I play around with your blocks, they are pretty clever by the way, and found no solution. I also played around with the clock settings to give your “seek-block” more time to react and trigger the stop/seek/play action. I would recommend to try something new than to get stucked into this.


Yea…I got stuck there…Tifuan Player is working properly but the player is slow and lag is so high…so I can’t use that too…


It could be a good addition for the slider component if we had the function:
Is the slider positionchange done by code or by user input?
Or just a simple “isTouched” .
And this just throws out a boolean.
This would solve this problem.


But for now…no solution…:disappointed_relieved:


Currently “PositionChanged” is triggered by Code or by User.
However I am currently working on this as we speak:


wow…Is that ready for testing?


No, it’s not ready yet.


The slider position change event being triggered by user input or code can be easily solved by just adding an IF block and a boolean variable.


I learn something new everyday!

But I still need TouchUp and TouchDown events to make it slide smoothly.

Quick Example:
SliderTools.aia (1.4 MB)


Oh yes, that will improve the component a lot.


Another trick I use sometimes is to allow for 2 seconds of inactivity by using a clock.
Your app discards every movement made less than 2 seconds ago from the last movement. After 2 seconds of not making any movement, the clock.Timer event will be called and use the thumb position.



With the additional blocks it works smoothly:


I’m so grateful for your help. I couldn’t have finished this project without you. You’re the best. Thanks a bunch…:+1: