Birthdays in Space


Good morning, I made an app for my school and I would appreciate if you try it and tell me if it works properly.

Birthdays in Space version 1.0 is an app that allows everyone to calculate their birthday on other planets. Enter your date of birth into the birthday calculator and discover what day you were born on and how long you’ve been alive on Earth or any other Planet, in years and in days. In addition you can get the date of your next birthday on every planet. Below is the link to my app


Working for me on Android 8.0.


Thank you @Ken for testing my app , any suggestions to make it better ?


Nice idea. Working for me on Android 8.0


Thank you very much @Marco2


If you redesign the button with some decorations it would look nicer…

And Kindly check Venus “DAYS” calculation… ( It shows wrong calculation)


Thank you @Aravind_Chowdary for your suggestions. I checked Venus Days calculation and I think it is correct. For example if someone was born on 20/02/1966 today he is 19330 days old on Earth, since Venus rotation period is 243.018 days on Venus he is 19330 / 243.018 = 79.54 Venusian days old.


I just noticed an issue.

After I exit the app:

And try to relaunch it the following happens:


@Ken thank you for the information . I added a block for closing the sidebar prior of the close block screen and now it works ok