Better preview on browser and various suggestions


Right now the browser preview is not accurate, it would be very nice if

  1. using the fontTypefaceCustom property shows the font also in the browser preview.
  2. changing the font-color and the background color of the system bars impact also on the preview. Like you did for the ActionBarColor, that is very very nice.
  3. ShowStatusBar really hide\shows the statusBar in the preview

In general, all the graphical changes did in the right panel of the Builder should be visible in the preview.

Also seems confusing to me that we have ActionBarColor property and a property called “Title” and “Title visible” that refers to the actionBar. The 2 properties should be called “ActionBar Title” and “ShowActionBar” (as there’s already a property called ShowStatusBar and it’s better to use the same logic)

Please think of adding StatusBarColor and NavigationBarColor property

Last would be nice the possibility to add an icon on the left of the title in the actionBar.
It’s all! :joy:


@Gabryk thanks for suggestions. Let’s see what we can implement


@Gabryk I will work on some of these suggestions


I agree it would be nice to change the Title Font Color in the Action Bar.

Right now mine shows White Font on Light Gray background BUT it is actually Black Font on Light Gray Background when on the mobile phone.


@Hossein @Nickon any news on this?