Barcodescanner read only vertical and not horizontal


Hi everyone, has any of you implemented a component that reads the barcodes?
I know that there is a default component that reads the barcodes, but I would like to know if there is any alternative component.
I have a problem with the basic component, because the band that reads the barcode is always vertical, but I would like to be able to set it horizontally. Has anyone solved this problem?
Thank you all


turn your phone in 90 °


I did not understand what you mean. Maybe my problem is not clear to you, I want the barcode reader to work with the device vertically.


I’m no expert, but I believe it uses landscape(horizontal) by default because of the camera’s hardware resolution.
I think it could be made to work but not natively in AppyBuilder, someone would need to create an extension to make this work in AppyBuilder.


Perhaps @Andres_Cotes could develop an extension that will work for you.


It would be useful, but I do not know it? Who is and what does he do? Do you develop paid extensions?



Hi, I had already seen that video. I need to scan the barcodes holding the device vertically and the barcode horizontally. Do you think it can be done? Does this cost?


I was able to do it by installing Barcode Scanner+ from the play store, then turning on UseExternalScanner in the BarcodeScanner1 properties. There might be others that work also but this is the only one I’ve tried so far.


Even I did like you, but the ideal would be that the basic component could read with vertical device.


I agree that would be great.


Try this one



the image comes out distorted


True and it is because the camera is always in landscape…