Barcode Scanner with TinyDB and export to .csv



This isn’t a “Show-Off” as I am still working on this app.
I wanted to post this here to get some opinions from developers on how I can improve the app.

I designed it to scan Barcodes to a database and allow the user to export a list of the scanned items to .csv.

For the table I am using the DendritasTable extension by (Thank You Andres!) the extension can be found here:

VanScan_copy.apk (2.6 MB)VanScan_copy.aia (54.9 KB)


if possibly post aia or blocks


I uploaded the aia file.


THX. it is a good work.


Looks like a nice app. It would be a nice addition to allow to type the name of the product. The number alone might be confusing if you have lots of products.
There’s even an API that has millions of barcode numbers and the description of the product. It’s free for testings but it charges if you use it commercially.


This project has evolved a lot in the past 15 months.
However, I won’t be sharing the .aia as it is now.