Barcode scanner with image after scan


I try to make something but i even dont know is can be done with AB
Lets say i make a barcode scanner of one of my card of near store.Card with barcode
Afrer that i want to See image of my Barcode which i can use later on the store :slight_smile:
There is many virtual virtual wallet and i want to try to make something similar.
Barcode scanner component return only text is there barcode extension to return barcode on my screen

I try and another way. Scan the code and use api to search for this code and api to generate mi the Barcode but i tested on two sites and they did not find anything for this barcode
So can i do this with app invertor.


Maybe this can do it for you.


hi go6otel

You can try this:

Shouldn’t be to hard to do it in AppyBuilder. This is for QR codes now if you need other type of barcode, shouldn’t be too hard to find the appropriate free API for it online. Remember… Google is your friend.


I looking for Api yesterday few hours, and dont find any whitch can decode one of my codes or least free ones :slight_smile: So may be link for extension above is a good idea, but may be after few weeks :slight_smile:


What type of barcode is it?
this one is a good one and generate most commonly used barcodes.
Also have a look here… plenty to choose from!


Some site only show valid code without any info for the code - info for store lets say


The barcode is an EAN-13
Use this API:

is free and you can even try it online. The documentation tells you and shows you how to call the api and get the image back.

Watch out as each barcode type has a different call (more or less parameters). So, to find the call click on the barcode you want to generate (online), enter some barcode data you may have and check the call in the code sample below the barcode image.

For example for your EAN-13 code above, your call is:

Read the doco as it shows you all the parameters required and optional and also generates different types of image (png,gif,jpg)!
very sweet