Bad Apps ... Useless


Sorry for the title, but its really the truth.
I made a huge size applications here in appybuilder and thunkable platforms, but my apps had lots of crashes and problems, I though the problem because of my work, so I tried to make my applications more simple … at the end I made an applications contains only one webviewer, and the applications still facing lots of crashes and problems.
So please face the truth … (( This Programming Language Is Useless) … with all my respect for all members here .



Interesting… I have made a huge app here and I have no problems at all… And my app is being used for a lot of users… So, IMO the problem is not about the language, but it’s no knowledge about the basics of the builder and no knowledge about programming logic. I am not saying it’s your case, but I never faced a problem that was hard to solve, even in other builders.

So please review your app, review your words and try to understand the basics of every builder (each one has its differences) and try to solve the problems you are facing.


I agree with @Kleyber_Derick apps are as good as you develop them. We have folks that have developed great successful apps using AI distribution platforms. If this was not correct, AI would not have almost 1 million users per month.


it looks like you did not follow the recommendations…


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


i don’t agree with you . there are some limitations and problems but still great platform.can make great of my app downloaded 50000 in a week.


I see you also complaining in the Thunkable community. If AI and its clones are not what you seek then don’t use it. But don’t say it is a useless language because other users including myself don’t have that experience.

I myself have an app that is downloaded almost 11000 times. Never had a complaint about it not working or crashing.


@Peter @edd @Taifun @Hossein @Kleyber_Derick
Guys, I am here to say BIG SORRY … just now I noticed that the problem was because of me … just now I uploaded the biggest project I made on google play store and everything is working fine … the problem was only because of my weak knowledge … I really feel shame because of my last post … please excuse me but I really was so stupid … this programming language is awesome (especially when you understand it) … please forgive me for my bad attitude and for my bad post … and thanks a lot for your helpful comments and support.


@Mai_Arbad no problem. Glad your problem is resolved