Background Services / Tasks


Just FYI,

MIT is working on background services. Once completed, we’ll try to incorporate into AppyBuilder. Details here:

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Background services

Very good info, @Hossein
It will enabled us new possibilities.

I have read the documentation, it says the notification persist if we run a sticky task until the task finished or the user killed the task.

I think the downside would be if the user install 3-4 apps build using app inventor & buddies, the user’s notification will be crowded.


@Ronin we haven’t checked details. As you said, this could be true if user installs several AI apps that includes services. Also a lot of thoughts should go into it before actually adding services.


is this already applied in appybuilder?


@Hossein Please try to incorporate It into AppyBuilder, that will allow a lot of new features which can’t be done without background services.


The developers of App Inventor are still working on background services. Implementing it now in AB would be to big a risk. It will be a while before it will be ready.


I hope it will be available soon, I’d love to use this. It’s the only thing my app needs to be completed.