Automatically Send an Email with OTP


I am creating a project where I set recive payment option and I have used ( payment link now I tested it got successful payment but after successfull payment I want the web window of app to close and redirect to previous screen or any other screen but if the payment is not success or transaction is canceled it should be redirected to another screen that’s all. Can IFTTT applets have any option or any other way I need help in this I will be very thank full pleas describe in detail or with blogs


On the topics I tried to build an applets which is triggered IF I recive an email for specific mail address THAN It should send a mail to some mail address which the appybuilder app decides with otp
But their is no value1 value2 etc. In ingredient
instead their are some new ingredient. How can I make such applets in IFTTT pleas help can I have a solution pleas …


How do you use it with Firebase?


Hi Pixii,

I followed your tutorial and got error message from IFTTT. Finally I found out IFTTT the Gmail service was inactive for new users of the Make an Applet tool. I have no idea how to overcome it. I can use the Email tool to send email to my email address. But no help to send email for user OTP.

Just keep a notice to see further change.