Automatic relocation of overlapping component blocks in UI Designer


Absent a larger overhaul, it would be very convenient if when a block expanded or was moved to a new area, that any blocks adjacent to it, or partially obscured by a moved block, would automatically relocate themselves up or down or to the side, including orphaned components of deleted blocks. I’ve given up on trying to maintain any logical structure to my blocks at this point because of the effort involved in constantly manually moving large chunks of blocks around on an individual basis (see separate request to be able to highlight and move blocks of components). Instead, I’m just constantly hitting “Clean Up Blocks” to deal with overlapping blocks, and then expanding and collapsing blocks when trying to find orphan components generating warnings, etc.

Improve Warnings functionality in Block Designer

always keep your blocks collapsed and ordered and expand only those blocks, you are currently working on



That is what everyone is waiting for ; )