Audio and video streaming


Hi guys,
I am using MIT App Invention 2 and I have serious problems to play audio and video coming from internet urls. I don’t want to download a multimedia file, save it in the smartphone and then play it. I want to play it directly without download it so as a streaming flow.
I suspect AppyBuilder is better then AI2, I see there are more widgets and so on, so the question is:
is it possible in AppyBuilder or does AppyBuilder use the same player, video player and webviewer?


Yes, AI2 have problems to play live stream, Audio or Video.

Please waits for the new version of AppyBuilder.

Read: Kodular + AppyBuilder

New version come soon.


OK, any forecast about the release date? I read also you will join Kodular, one of the things is very important in my opinion is to continue to have the personal/offline release able to run locally. Both as a regular work option and as a backup for projects to be maintained over long time.


In the mean time, do you know any workaround? Because seems to me there are some problems also with file naming. There are 3 places where I may read and write files: assets folder, internal memory and SD and not every syntax works. For instance the file:/// syntax works always but the path is not the same on 2 different Android phones. The equivalent syntax for the SD should be preceding the file name with a single ‘/’ but also in this case it works on some widgets and does not work on others…


you might want to try an extension… (you can use it in MIT App Inventor or one of its distributions)


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I suggest use android_asset folder.

Try this example:
Before build the app, set File to false.

Taifun it is right. You can buy an extension, but next release version of Appy Builder can play live stream without extension (i hope).


Thanks, it works and also changing the url dynamically works. Seems that only if I put a web url it soes not work always.


Thanks, good to know.


I do not understand that you need to do. You can post any example or block ?