AsynPlayer Extension [Paid] (Radio developers)


This extension is created for the developers of Radio App, it has an advantage with respect to the original component of the player that is to be able to run the streaming in another thread this makes the user interfaces not block a moment while it starts to download the streaming of the server







Local mp3 reader


Price 25 USD


Andres Cotes


¿De verdad funciona? ¿No tienes alguna muestra o algo?

Does it really work? Do not you have any samples?


hola si fusiona , no bloquea la interfaz de usuario corre el streaming en otro hilo



Hola. He tenido la oportunidad de probarlo y va estupendo. Ya no se me congela la app. Lo recomiendo. Aquí la muestra


Nice extensión. Andrés, it would be important to have a volume Control.


Yes the extension have control volumen


Good work. You will have more people buying your extensions if you bring down your prices. You’ll still make your money.


that is not true but thanks for the interest :grinning: