Asteroid Field - An Endless Dodger Game


Like an “endless runner” game, this is an “endless dodger” You are the pilot of a small spaceship that has entered an asteroid field. With no way to shoot, you must dodge the asteroids. Unfortunately, there is no end to the asteroid field…or is there??

As your score increases, the asteroids change size and speed making it more and more difficult to survive.

The World High Score is just that…anyone who plays the game will see the highscore and it will update any time someone beats it. Can YOU beat it? GOOD LUCK !!!

It’'s a FREE APP … Go get it and please leave a review. :slight_smile:


Nice graphics. How do you shoot?


Awesome and addicting game…
How do you make the ship to move almost like 3d?


Hi, I have notized that even I send your app to background, but it is still running. How did you do that? As far as I know, Appybuilder & MIT does not support background running.

Meanwhile, I think your app does not support to fire to astroids. If it could, app would be great.


@Erginkaya76 Some apps will still run (e.g. has Clock running). Android will kill it when it needs memory



I use 3 different graphics. When left button is pressed the graphic changes to the graphic that looks like the ship is tilting left. Opposite for right button. When no button is pressed, the graphic is the default “flat” graphic.


The reason there is not ability to shoot is because if you could shoot, the game would never end. You would stay in one spot and shoot whatever came at you. The point of the game is to dodge as long as you can.

I have the asteroids coming down from random spots, but I do not have them “aiming” for the ship. If I figure out how to do that, I may add the shooting event.



did you try to set the x position of the asteroid to the x position of the ship?


So instead of just updating the Y coordinate…I would update the X to the current X of the ship? That sounds like it would work. I will give it a try.

Thank you


How did you make it? Can you please send aia file


I am putting together some tutorials on it and will post them. It’s all pretty basic stuff really so although there are a lot of different parts to it…each part is easy.


Can you please post the links to the tutorials, when they are published