Are they penalized by google to use ....?


good morning

I need to know if all the files found on can be used in our applications without being penalized by google?


u can’t use any third party site without any proper authorization


Looking in different forums Most say that this website only uses content free, without copyright


I’m not a lawyer nor do I work for Google but I think you’d be OK.

Restricted Access ( Requires Provider Approval )No


Headquarters of the Internet Archive, between 1996 and 2009, in the Royal Presidio of San Francisco, formerly a military base in San Francisco.

The new headquarters of the Internet Archive, in Funston Street, num. 300, San Francisco, CA, since November 2009.

I’ll have to ask the question directly to google to see if they answer it because wikipedia says this:

The Internet Archive is a digital library managed by a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of archives, captures of public Web sites, multimedia resources and also software. Created in 1996, it was from that date until 2009 in the historic Presidio of San Francisco (California) and, since then, it is located in Funston Street in San Francisco (California). This organization exists with the support of Alexa Internet and other collaborators who have donated materials and collections such as the Library of Congress and many other public and private libraries. It hosts a large number of files of many types such as audio, video and text, the vast majority of them in the public domain, or with Creative Commons licenses or other licenses that allow their free distribution.