Are these Right?



I want to create a application which shows images in grid view from the directory , the images are present in the phone of the user my app will show them in grid view. Therefore I tried this:

I tried a lot but nothing happens,
You guys can tell me from scratch if my these blocks are of no use or can suggest me edits in my idea
Your reply is appreciated


You already asked that a couple of days ago. I know you didn’t get an answer yet but double posting is not allowed on the community.


Did you try this block instead of you elements block?

As i read here it is for displaying images in the assets folder.


You are correct but not 100 , yes I asked about GridView , first I asked small problem related to that and then I tried a lot and finally thought to post my whole problem


Thanks for that Peter but as I mentioned above I do not want to load images from assets I want to display them from a particular directory


So someone got any idea???


At least tell me if someone working on it???