AppyBuilder status update


Dear AppyBuilder members,

We would like to announce :newspaper: that starting August 1st, we will mainly focus on open-source and off-line versions and will temporarily image shut-down AppyBuilder. This temporarily shut-down, will allow us to:

  • Concentrate on addressing the current issues,
  • Upgrade API version to use latest API version; e.g. 28
  • Push updates to executable off-line and open-source versions
  • Work on enhancements and additional features
  • Work on other product/services that we have been working on, for completion and making it publicly available
  • Find alternatives for our AdMob account since starting many months ago, our AdMob account faced issues due to excessive number of apps that were published to Play Store that were violating AdMob ToS
  • Work on new AppyBuilder online version targeted for 1st quarter of 2020

What this means to you? :thinking:

  • Starting August 1st, we will shut-down our build-servers, meaning you will not be able to build .apk - by Aug 1st, we will attempt to update AppyBuilder to support API 28
  • You will still be able to log into AppyBuilder and download your .aia through August 31st
  • You will be able to export image your keystore, .aia and use them in offline version
  • You will be presented with a brand new AppyBuilder (date image ) when work is complete
  • On September 1st, we will also close the online-version
  • You will still be able to use CodeEditor - however, there might be some modifications
  • Community forum will continue to be open for discussions / questions


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Hello and thank you for the information.

So I can not export an apk from August 1st to August 31st?
Did I understand the text correctly?
Best regards


you should be able to use the offline version and that can build a apk for you.



Is there any tutorial to create my offline version of Appybuilder correctly?


@Kleyber_Derick at this time no. Keep in mind there is already a github repo that includes executable offline


Ok, thanks, @Hossein.


Personal Version: “… use the Personal Version only for learning NOT production.”

Is this obsolete?


I never had a problem with the offline version. Never lost anything. But making an backup of your projects is always good in online and offline version.


@TF101 Its possible to backup the entire offline DB. I’ll do further research and update


Thanks for the responses.
Will my “old”. aia files work well in the new online version of Appybuilder?



We’ll make every attempt to make it happen


OK, the short version: At August 1st. I can’t work anymore with appybuilder. If you maybe come back online, it is not clear if my aia files work anymore…
This are not good news! :persevere:


You could already test your aia with the personal version. My guess is it should work.


Hi Peter,
Now the offline version runs on my computer.
I have export the keystore and import it in the offline version.
After that, I import my projects.
Some notifications appears:
“The project build with a newer version of…”
After clicking multiple OK the project is offline available.
I hope i have done this right and all will run as expected.


Yes, then it should work as expected. I don’t know what components you put in your project but i am 99% certain your apps should work. Don’t be mad at me if i am wrong. :wink:


Can you make a separate topic about building your apk and post the message there.

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #18


Really, it’s sad news.
I was just starting with AppyBuilder and now they tell me they are going to close it. :sudor:
I have to think about leaving the AppyBuilder studio and start with another development platform.


There’s a version without internet.
It’s just a temporary suspension🚦


What this mean ?
Will appybuilder changes like kodular ?
If Yes Than I Am Excited Else :sob::sob::sob: