AppyBuilder status update


just a silly question will admob component stop working bcz of that ?
or it’s independence from appybuilder platform ? cuz there’s other platforms the apps connects to their servers to show ads


Yes Admob is Free and No Percentage is Taken by AppyBuilder. You can also get the AppyBuilder Open Source Files and edit it if you like to add more components or fix Bugs etc.

No AdMob will Still Work even if it’s a Offline Version


Hi! Almost Finishing my first app i cant manage admob to show ads (its work with test adds but no with my adds account)

Maybe this has something with the issues of AB admob account or the api level?
(I read some post were are saying that ads will not work until AB its upgraded to API 28, but i wanna know if this is a confirmed information or a speculation)

BTW, great announcement! :smiley:


Are we taling about about this?

Or is there another version with an exe file?


This is really bad news !!!
I, but I think many of us, will be in difficulty in continuing to manage old and new jobs. I will have some inconveniences for this … I’m sorry, that the online version will not be active. Not possible to leave it active until the switch with the new version?


I have seen the alert in the Play Console in August all the apps needs to be in API28, good news you’re working on it.
Thanks to all


how many time take to update complete udation.
longer days or short


Can I publish that app which is made through offline version.?? Please tell me fast.


When will the online version of appybuilder return?




Thanks for all the time and effort you Guy’s and Girls put in to this.


We are in the process of testing the newest offline version.


For the record. Everybody is able to test the latest offline version.

But remember, API 28 is not added at the moment so be patient and don’t ask about it. We know, you want it. :sunglasses:


Thank you for all your efforts :smile:


Hi, I have a question. In the OFFLINE of Appybuilder it will be possible to continue monetizing with ADMOB during this period that you indicate?

And another one, it is going to be possible to keep taking Apks out with Appy Offline, and publish it in the store in spite of the fact that Google demands to update to API 28 from November 2019 ?


API 28 was just added. Please test it with some projects to see how it works for you.


For downloading the offline version, my recommendation is to use GIT client such as . This way, whenever there are offline updates, you’ll be able to easily PULL latest code updates into same folder. I’ll be putting together a short write-up / demo on this


I will make a short tutorial for ubuntu linux. And then it will work on most distros. Maybe one big tutorial with instructions for all operating systems.



My Suggestion to AppyBuilder; at present if you just implement/update below two things, then no need to change anything, many users are here to go with you.

  1. API 28
  2. Facebook Banner & Interstitial Ads