AppyBuilder status update


Maybe the ports are used by another app, frontend server needs port 8888 and build server needs port 9990.


Thanks for sharing. Any idea how can I fix it? I am not very adept in these . . :frowning:


Windows or Linux ? For windows see below


Windows. Thanks. Hope this solves it !


checked … nope its not blocked… this is the issue i get :


This message indicates a Java memory problem . Go to Start->Control Panel->System->Advanced(tab)->Environment Variables->System Variables->New:
Add Variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS
Variable value: -Xmx512M

Try if this solves your problem

Installing AppyBuilder Personal (offline version) via Git
Can't start buildserver
WinStartBuildServer Error occurred during initialization of VM?

you are fantastic! done :slight_smile:


Hello, ohh, bad news,
I explain you, we have the offline version (AppyBuilderPersonal-master), all is working perfect, compile and every things, but we have map inside , the map not showing, every time is grey screen. the map can’t see it.

how it´s possible to make for will solved this problems?

thanks in advanced


So to understand correctly. You compiled an app with a map and it is not showing the map. You are connected to the internet on your phone?


Peter, wait me,
I´m testing in diferent mobile, and sure I have some problems, because in one mobile is grey screen and other mobile is okay, showing map perfect,
continius testing, I will infor you soon
thanks in advanced


Peter and other user:
I’ve tried the situation on 2 different mobiles, I explain you:
when we compile from the offline version, all is working perfect, but with map we see this issue

1 - in one mobile Samsung SM-J710FN (Android 8.1.0) the map is working right.

2 - in second mobile Xiaomi Pocophone (android version 9 - PKQ1 - 1480729.001) the map not working, every time is with grey screein in map and not see the map

how is possible to will solved?

thanks in advanced

Problem with convert webviewer content to image (Charts)

Peter, Yes we have perfet internet connection


This is something that @hossein will have to take a look at.


Okay Peter, we will wait to @hossein to see what he say.


Just complementing, @Jose_Navarro… I’ve seen many troubles with maps and photos when using Xiaomi devices… they don’t work as expected.


We’ll have to make some updates displaying maps in offline version


xiaomi redmi 4 pro with android 6.0.1 on board and miui my apk work fine with map on tis phone. may be map type haves matter, but may be no.

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Hi everyone, sorry I was gone so long! Does this mean September 1st, you won’t be able to access the builder anymore, because you said that on the first of August (5 days ago), the compilers would be shutdown until, when???


And another question, will the open-source code be used for the Appybuilder that will be revealed in 2020 for the online version, or the offline version, or both?